18 Jul, 2018

Ps. Djohan Handojo
More than 10 months, we all the committee have prepared this event. Thank God for the main speakers and delegacies attending this event from 42 nations all over the world. I believe God is doing amazing things in this event.

The 1st Pentecost happened on the upper room in Jerusalem approximately 2000 years ago. Bible said, God's disciple were full of Holy Spirit. Then, 100 years ago, He choose Azzusa to be a place where 2nd Pentecost happened. It was really unpopular place, was like a small town in Los Angeles. There had been a lot of people gathering for almost 3 years, longing for Holy Spirit equipping their soul. It was the 2nd Pentecost.

Today, this is the 3rd Pentecost. People come pray and praise God here. God chooses this place. He will pour out the fire and glory of the Holy Spirit to all the nations through the Asia. Let's praise Him, the only one perfection!

Ps. Russell E
One day, I heard the sound of God. He talked to me about Indonesia and Asia. In the middle of that moment, God wanted to touch hearts of people all over the world. He will do something that will blow our mind up. Who is expecting God will blow our mind up?

Our job is to keep the God's fire burning cause He wants His light in us to always keep shining. Keep praising God then God will come down to us, be throne in our life.

Indonesia will be the House of Jehuda, House of Prayers. It is the sound of joy, freedom, peace, light and heaven. We, as young generations, full of God, will serve this nation. There is a fire coming to this nation. A fire will open up the spirit of young generations.

Today, there is worship going up and God's fire going down filling us. God is amazingly working in this event. Indonesia has vision to make Jesus famous all over the world. Let all the world nations do so.

Ps. Billy Wilson
Through this Empowered 21 event, people all over the world will have the opportunity to know more about God. This event is officially the largest gathering event in the world so far. We do make history. This particulary gathering has significant impact. He will do something amazingly by this week.

Empowered 21, is talking about to live a new dimension. There are 3 steps to do live a new dimension :
If you live in the past, you will not get better future. Trust in God! He has buried your past then why still worry? We are about to live a new dimension of life. The good and bad things, the things you're ashamed of, let's give it all to God! You will receive better and greater future in God.
Romans 12:1-2
Make sure that we all surrender to God! We may face bad things, we may cry all the time, we may think that our life process are really bad, but we must surrender completely to God!
God wants us to live a new dimension in Holy Spirit. We often push our life to go up by taking on "our elevator". No! God doesn't like it! He wants us to take on "HIS elevator" of life. So that, Holy Spirit will accelerate up your life into a great future. We will move from to be healed into be healer. AMIN!

What about tonight? Surrender completely to God! God will give you a new beginning. Remember always that GOD wants us to live a new dimension in Holy Spirit.

Ps. Niko Njotorahardjo
As we all know, 1st Pentecost happened on the upper floor in Jerusalem. Bible said at that moment, God's disciples were praying and praising to God. Then all of sudden, Holy Spirit came down from heaven and gave them blessing so they could speak in Holy tongue. They were full of God. Acts 1:8 "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. Since then, they became like to pray to God, praise to God and able to do miracles.

2nd Pentecost happened in Azusa in Los Angeles. It was awesome. 70% of Christianity has been won since then. William Saymore had a prophesy that Holy Spirit, the glory of God, would be going to fall down much greater than it was. When would it be? 200 years later, then it means in 2009.

In mid 2009, I heard Jesus speaking to me that there would be mega harvest. September 15th 2009, I met Ps Billy Wilson in Atlanta. He invited me to join 1st Empowered 21 and I would be the one representing Asia. I didn't know what that event was. Turned out that it was going to help shape the future of the global spirit.

April 10-14th 2010, Empowered 21 Global held at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ps Billy said to me that Empowered 21 must be held as well in Asia. The Lord said so directly to his heart.
Oct 25-28th 2011, finally Empowered 21 held in Asia, in Indonesia particularly, at SICC. It was the 1st Empowered 21 Asia. This event then became a trigger to do the next same event all the nations.

May 14-18th 2012, World Prayer Assembly, held at SICC, Indonesia
Habakkuk 2:14 "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of The Lord, as the waters cover the sea". I believe "The New Wave is Coming".

May 14-17th 2013, the 2nd Empowered 21 Asia, held at SICC, Indonesia. 2 days before the event, The Lord spoke to me about the thing called 3rd Pentecost. It was sharp words I heard that time. I kept praying afterwhile then I had to wait for 3 years to get the answer what 3rd Pentecost would be like. Then God clearly said to me that there would be fire of God's glory starting from Indonesia. The fire would be poured out to young people to the nations all over the world.

Now, July 17-20th 2018, the 3rd Empowered 21 Asia, held at SICC, Indonesia. I believe this is the 3rd Pentecost happening as well. Keep the God's fire burning on!

by : Karia V.


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